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Sealift Administrator

Nunavut Sealink and Supply Inc. (NSSI)

Priority will be given to Nunavut Beneficiary. Fluency in Inuktitut is an asset.


Under the authority of NSSI Managing Director, and the day to day supervision by the Regional Manager, Arctic Co-op, Iqaluit, the Sealift Administrator will be responsible for 4 main activities:

1)  Undertaking Representation, Sales and Customer Services and Business Development duties throughout Nunavut; in Iqaluit and in the Communities to offer NSSI’ services;

2)  Administrative duties and day to day tasks;

3)  Supporting the local information centers in some Communities.

4)  Meet customers and provide support to the operation team during sealift in Iqaluit.


1.       Activities Relating to Representation, Sales and Customer Services and Business Development:


The Sealift Administrator participates in providing the sealift clients with the information and support which are necessary for their filing and forwarding of Cargo Booking and space reservation to NSSI Operations Management Office. He/She will also provide a variety of information pertaining to services, schedules and operational updates to sealift clients.

The Sealift Administrator contributes to the necessary work to reach the Sales and Customer Services’ objectives set by NSSI Management and Board.  He/She undertakes certain tasks relating to the issuing of contracts of carriage, and assists the Managing Director and the Office Manager in Iqaluit in certain follow-up work relating to the implementation of the Agreement signed with the Government of Nunavut, for the Annual Re-supply of Dry Cargo.

As part of his/her regular customer service activities, the Sealift Administrator develops and uses effective communication methods and adapted marketing tools for the promotion of services offered by NSSI. The Sealift Administrator will also be asked to attend and participate in different events such as Trade Shows throughout the Territory to actively develop NSSI’s business share on the market and to develop and maintain Government Relations. Therefore, the candidate will travel at least 2-3 times per year in the communities to fulfill these responsibilities. Further, the candidate may be requested to do public presentations during events such as Trade Shows and others.

2.       Administrative Duties:

The Sealift Administrator also undertakes various administrative tasks at the Head Office of NSSI in Iqaluit. Such tasks pertain, among others, to the issuing and receiving of correspondences and the maintaining of a reliable filing system.  He/She assists in following-up on the Accounts Receivable with NSSI clients in Iqaluit and in other communities in Nunavut, and makes payment deposits, as required, at the local financial institution.

Among his/her main tasks, the Sealift Administrator orchestrates the flow of information between the Head Office in Iqaluit and other NSSI Information Centers in Nunavut, as well as the Operations Management Office at the Main Port of Loading in the Montreal Region.

3.       Support to Information Centers in the Communities:

Agreements are signed between NSSI and certain Independent Co-ops in Nunavut, to act as local Sealift Information Centers in their respective Communities. The Sealift Administrator will therefore provide the necessary coaching and support to these Independent Co-ops, so that they successfully provide the related services to the sealift users among their Community Members. 

4.       Unloading operation in Iqaluit:

Being the “NSSI Representative” in Iqaluit, the Sealift Administrator will have to be present on the beach in Iqaluit during unloading operations to meet the customers and to sign the manifest with their representative.










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